Sew This Look Volume 4

March 26, 2018

Sew these looks with Blank Slate Patterns | Recreate your favorite ready-to-wear garments

In our Instagram feed, we sometimes share RTW (ready-to-wear) looks that we come across that would be easy to recreate with Blank Slate Patterns. Here are a few recent ones:

Sew this look with Blank Slate Patterns Shoreline Boatneck and Blanc T-shirt
This was one of our most popular Sew This Look posts ever! And it's an easy mashup:

Sew this look with Blank Slate Patterns Shoreline Boatneck and Blanc T-shirt
First, lay your Shoreline Boatneck front piece (red) over your Blanc T-shirt front piece (blue) as shown above. The center front fold line for both pieces should be aligned, and the outside of the Shoreline shoulder edge should meet the shoulder edge for the Blanc.

Sew this look with Blank Slate Patterns Shoreline Boatneck and Blanc T-shirt
The majority of your pattern will be Blanc (blue), but with the Shoreline neckline and shoulder (in red). Keeping the Shoreline neckline together with the shoulder angle is important for the neckline to lie flat.

Sew this look with Blank Slate Patterns Shoreline Boatneck and Blanc T-shirt
Your finished front piece will look something like the above. Remember to repeat these steps on the back piece. When constructing, use the Shoreline neck facing pieces and the long sleeves from the Blanc Hack Pack.

Here are a few red striped knits you could use: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (aff links)


I love this slight variation of the Tulip Top pattern! Just incorporate a few changes in order to replicate this.

You can make it with the crossfront piece of the pattern as it is (which is curved up higher than the inspiration garment), or you can straighten it out a little, as shown here:

Be sure that when you extend the left side edge, you trace it exactly the same as the right side. They aren't straight lines, so this will ensure they align when you layer them. Trace the side down as far down as you want, then curve to blend with the hemline.

For the bottom edges, simply hem (rather than bind as in the pattern).

For the topstitching along the raglan seams, you can accomplish this a couple of different ways. You could sew these seams by flatlocking them, or you could just topstitch with a zigzag. Sew the V at the center front neckline by marking with a washable marker then zigzagging.

I like this fabric for creating a look very similar to the inspiration photo. This one would also make a (little heavier) cozy version! (aff links)


This is barely even a hack to the Barton Shorts! And yours will be even better, since the pattern includes pockets. ;) If you want to add the drawstring, sew two buttonholes on the waistband piece before attaching it to the shorts. 

This crushed velour knit is perfect for them (in a variety of colors!), trimmed with a black jersey(aff links)


Sizing Information
Women’s patterns are drafted for a height of 5'6" and a C cup (smaller half of size range) or D cup (larger half of size range) and cover the following range of body measurements

High bust 28-49 inches, 71-124cm
Bust 31-53 inches, 79-135cm (with instructions for pattern specific full bust adjustments)
Waist 24-48 inches, 61-122cm
Hips 34-55 inches, 86-149cm


Below is the sizing guide I use when designing children's patterns. Please note that these measurements refer to your child, not to any measurements on the finished pattern.

Make sure to check the specific pattern you're interested in for which sizes are included. 
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