My Story

Melissa Mora, Blank Slate Patterns Designer and Owner

Once upon a time, a little three year old ran back and forth from her Barbie to her mom (who had the scissors she wasn't allowed to use) carrying a scrap of fabric. "Cut here, Mommy," she'd say, and run back to her doll. The end result? A new outfit for Barbie. The little girl was me. 

I have been sewing for over 30 years, taught to use a needle and thread by my mom when I was three, and graduating to her vintage Singer sewing machine when I was five. Doll clothes and pillows later progressed to middle school outfits with questionable fashion choices (who looks cool in middle school? Definitely not me!), unique high school pieces and -  for 12 years as I taught theatre -  elaborate costumes. 

The seeds for Blank Slate Patterns were planted when I searched high and low for a blazer pattern for my 2 year old son (now 8) and couldn't find one. So I drafted it. Other people expressed interest in the pattern, so I digitized it and put it up for sale. As I learned more about the process of digital drafting, I made more patterns. A new business was born shortly after my second son as I quit my teaching job and transitioned to working from home designing sewing patterns.  

I hope my patterns are a blank slate for you to sew your story. Whether you're sewing for adults or kids, you deserve comprehensive patterns to customize exactly for your size, vision, and style to create one of a kind pieces. 

Thank you for being part of the rest of the story here at Blank Slate Patterns. 


Sizing Information
Women’s patterns are drafted for a height of 5'6" and a C cup (smaller half of letter size range) or D cup (larger half of letter size range) and cover the following range of body measurements

High bust 28-49 inches, 71-124cm
Bust 31-53 inches, 79-135cm (with instructions for pattern specific full bust adjustments)
Waist 24-48 inches, 61-122cm
Hips 34-55 inches, 86-149cm

For specific measurements for any women's pattern, please check the pattern listing. 

Below is the sizing guide I use when designing children's patterns. Please note that these measurements refer to your child, not to any measurements on the finished pattern.

Make sure to check the specific pattern you're interested in for which sizes are included. 
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